Ace Hardware Careers Webpage

Client: Ace Hardware
Services: Concept, Design, Implementation

1. Brief

Redesign Ace Hardware’s Careers Webpage

The client walked our team through the existing page. They went into detail about what their wants/needs were for the page. Other than that they wanted us to start with a blank slate to see what concepts we could create.

2. Process

Sketches, wireframes, and creative implementation

The first part of our process was to research websites who had strong and well designed career pages. Once we had those, we assessed what was working for each and what elements were applicable to the page we were creating for Ace and the markets it serves.

At this point, we went to the drawing board to create sketches of rough wireframes. Once we had some sketches of what we thought would be some hardworking concepts, we went to the digital world to create more refined wireframes. Below are some of the initial wireframes that were created for desktop and mobile.

Once we had approval on the wireframes internally and client facing, we went into the creative implementation phase where we places colors, typefaces, photos, gifs, etc into the wireframe layouts. We also created some fun hover animations and a sticky nav bar for when you scroll through the page.

3. The Conclusion

The Final Design

After going through a few rounds of designs and feedback with the client, the following design is what we implemented. We had a nice grid system, sticky navigation, hover animations, still photos, and GIFs that were subtle moving images. The following images show the original webpage and then our redesign.