Ace Hardware Social

Client: Ace Hardware
Services: Concept, Design, Video, Social

1. Overview

The following creative is split up into several sections based on the intent behind the creative. 

Our team was tasked with creating social posts for product retargeting, Magnolia Home paint, paint, and Father’s Day. We also created digital creative for mobile takeover ad and a video overlay.

2. Product Retargeting Social

We first story boarded concepts on how the animation could look. Once a concept was approved, we set up files for an animator and we worked directly with the animator to ensure the animation was the best it could be. The following creative are examples of how that turned out.

3. Special Event Social

The first two posts were concepted first and then we worked with an animator/editor to finalize the assets. The last creative is a frame animation made in photoshop for the holidays.

2. Ace/Magnolia Home Paint Social

They following creative are assets created to showcase the Magnolia Home paint brand and to announce that Ace Hardware now sold this brand at an Ace near you.

2. Padsquad Mobile Takeover

These animated carousel frames were created to showcase that Ace has paint and you should buy yours at an Ace near you. We wanted this to be a fun activation to get people interested in purchasing paint.

2. Innovid Video Overlay

We created this concept to animate in over videos that played in an effort foe people to know that they had an Ace hardware just around the corner from them. The creative was dynamic and pulled an actual address of an Ace near the viewer.